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NinjaTrader Plugin Import

Please follow the steps below to import the NinjaTrader Plugin.

1. Download the latest version of the NinjaTrader Plugin

Download the latest version of the NinjaTrader plugin (TPI.ZIP or TPI720.ZIP) from our Tools Section

2. Launch NinjaTrader import wizard

Select to the File / Utilities / Import NinjaScript menu.

3. Confirm a trusted source of archive file

Click YES on the confirmation dialog.

4. Select archive file (TPI.ZIP or TPI720.ZIP)

In the open file dialog, locate the previously saved archive file (e.g. TPI.ZIP) and click Open button.

5. Confirm the import of the Plugin

Click on the OK button on the import confirmation dialog.

6. Open NinjaScript editor wizard

Select Tools / Edit NinjaScript / Indicator to run the wizard.

7. Select Indicator Plugin in the list of available indicators

Select Indicator Plugin in the list of available indicators.

8. Enter your account credentials into the plugin

Modify the plugin source code to enter your account number and hash code.

Scroll the source code down to where your account credentials are stored. Enter your customer number and password hash code in the corresponding fields. You can find these values on your Account Page (you must be logged in to see that page).

9. Recompile the NinjaScript

Right-click on the script to pull up the context menu. Select the Compile submenu to generate the code containing your changes.