Interview: Sweet Spot of High Performance Market Data Processing

Press Release: Trading Physics achieves 4.0 microsecond latency normalizing US equity depth feeds

New indicators alert: 24 new event-driven indicators for order execution, cancellation, and creation. The updated list of indicators.

Integration alert: We are pleased to announce the integration with the MultiCharts trading software. It comes with high-definition charting, dynamic portfolio-level backtesting, EasyLanguage support, genetic optimization, and 300+ strategies and indicators.

Build, test, and deploy your trading systems faster than ever before!

We can provide historical datasets, assistance with feed handlers and other tools, deliver market data over the Internet or Intranet, and colocate your production systems at major exchange data centers.

We can also fire power your technical analysis with our proprietary indicator and oscillator patterns of order flow and distribution for price and trend discovery.

U.S. and Canada Feeds Coverage
  • Equities
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Indices
  • Pink Sheets
  • Derivatives
Consulting & Development
  • Indicators/Oscillators for rapid algo dev
  • Variety of Tools, APIs, Feed Handlers
  • Assistance with Prop Systems Integration
  • Wiki Knowledge Base
Real Time Market Data
  • Over the Internet or Colocated
  • Delivery over Multicast, TCP Socket,
    and Web API protocols
  • Direct, Normalized, Consolidated Feeds
Historical Market Data
  • Exchange, Normalized, Custom Formats
  • Data delivery via hard drive shipments or over the Internet
  • One-Time Orders and Daily Updates via FTP
    to keep your data current