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NinjaTrader Chart Setup

Please follow the steps below to display indicators on the NinjaTrader chart.

1. Create a new chart

Go to the File / New / Chart menu to launch the Chart Wizard.

2. Add indicators to the chart

Right click on the chart to pull up the pop-up menu and select Indicators submenu.

3. Select "TradingPhysicsIndicator"

From the list of indicators, select "TradingPhysicsIndicator" and click New button. Repeat this step to add multiple indicators.

4. Define indicator name

Highlight one of the indicators added on the step above. Set the AName value in the right-hand side Properties Bar to the name of the 400+ indicators or 200+ oscillators you wish to display on the chart.

5. Indicators/Oscillators are added to the chart

The indicators/oscillators will be added to the lower section of the chart. The chart will be refreshed automatically. You can also manually refresh the chart or the NinjaTrader script that retrieves the indicators, or customize the look and feel of the chart, such as line colors.